Improvements at Barend Holiday Village

With the busy summer season drawing to a close, we took the opportunity for a holiday ourselves.  There’s nothing like a break to rejuvenate and we’ve come back refreshed, ready to go again. Here are the improvements we’ve got planned over the next few months!

Reception and stationary overhaul

Over the next few weeks our new welcome packs and brochures will be distributed throughout the lodges.  We continue to work with our graphic designer to bring you new information brochures as well. 

Fitting with the rebranding theme, we also look forward to our modernised reception area.  New sound buffers on the walls have made a great improvement already.  Next up is long-overdue flooring and a new reception desk to make your welcome even better. 

Swimming Pool Renovations

Yellow Phone Boxed outside Barend Swimming Pool

Yellow Phone Boxed outside Barend Swimming Pool

After we took on Barend Holiday Village last year, it quickly became apparent there was a lot of work to be done with the pool.  Since then we’ve upgraded the changing rooms with new flooring, lockers, lighting, new toilet cubicles and sinks.  Following the popularity of the swimming lessons, a new tank has been fitted to the showers to ensure they’re toasty and warm for everyone!  We’ve put new windows in, a cover to keep the pool covered overnight (a little more environmentally friendly than before!) and tried new floor coverings.  

However, the problems were more deep routed than we thought.  The dehumidifier system doesn’t work, nor does the drainage system work properly.  Therefore we’re going to completely revamp the swimming area this winter.  It’s going to mean taking up all the floor surround around the pool and re-laying it properly so that it drains correctly.  Additionally, the dehumidifier will be fixed.  Together, this will reduce the humidity and enable us to keep the pool cleaner, safer and more hygienic.

Further, we’re going to redo the shower area, getting rid of the middle wall and adding an extra shower.  The floor level will be lowered and new doors into the changing rooms will reduce the amount of water getting into the changing rooms.  

These improvements will take a couple of weeks to complete, but we aim to minimise disruption to all and will keep you informed on our website, facebook and twitter.  We thank you for your patience but assure you it will be worth it!

We hope you’ll all enjoy the improvements!

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